Dr Christine Louise Dauber

Christine Dauber lives and works in Brisbane as an independent art critic. Her formal training in the area includes: an arts degree with a double major and an Honours Degree in Art History. In 2007 she was awarded her Doctorate [with Dean’s Honours Commendation] from the University of Queensland. 

Dauber’s articles have been published in both Australian and international art journals and books of collected works. She has had teaching experience at University of Queensland and QUT. She has acted as arts critic and editor for the e-journal M/COnline and as convenor of the Queensland Art Gallery’s journal Artlines. Christine has a record of innovative public programming. She has been an active member of a number of arts related boards including Queensland Art Gallery Society [as both President and Committee member] and is presently a member of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Friends of the University of Queensland. She has had extensive fundraising experience whilst also being a patron of the arts.

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Simon Marsh

Simon Marsh is a graduate of the University of Queensland Art History program with an extended major and course work honours. Simon has also been the recipient of the Deans commendation for high achievement [2011]. He has also had the pleasure of working as a professional artist for many years.

Simon works closely with artists, academics and the public in the development of an ecosystem of media, allowing ideas, imagery, filmed talks and concepts to mingle, finding realisation and understanding through shared networks. 

Designed to grow a critical voice throughout the broader arts sector, philosophically, Simon views Panoptic Press as fostering a wide community of arts accessible to the broader community.

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Jonathon R McWilliam

Jonathon R McWilliam has been studying the visual arts from the mid 2000’s. In 2011 he completed his Bachelor of Arts with an extended major in Art History and a minor in Philosophy from the the University of Queensland. He has recently completed Honors in Art History, with a specific focus on contemporary art and has continued to focus his philosophical studies in post modern philosophy and psychoanalytic theory.

Jonathon’s interests are also centered around geography, geopolitics and economic theory, including their relationship to the art world. His approach is international and far reaching, with his recent work focused on Central and Eastern European art. It is this interest in international affairs that informs his analysis of Australian art and culture.

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Jane Denison

An Artist, Art Historian graduating in 2012 from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Arts [Honours] augmented by a double major in Art History, Jane Denison holds a colourful 20-year pedigree throughout the Australian arts sector. Jane works as a freelance arts writer in Australia. She holds an insatiable appetite for mosaic art and its history, traveling regularly to Italy studying traditional techniques of mosaic making. Jane is a regular contributor to international magazines such as Groutline [U.S] and BAMM [U.K] with a focus on contemporary mosaic artists. Jane also holds vast experience in the commercial gallery sector and is responsible for the introduction of giclee prints to Australia. Based in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Jane shares a rare insight into artists and galleries from Brisbane to Lismore.

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Julia Rodwell

Over the last few years, Julia Rodwell has developed a strong interest in contemporary art from the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Her passion emerged during her studies at the University of Melbourne where, in 2011, she completed an Honours thesis exploring contemporary Iranian photography and the history of portraiture in the surrounding region. She is particularly interested in the ways contemporary artists respond to issues relating to identity and stereotype and wishes to extend her studies in this field. In 2012, she interned in the curatorial department for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s Abu Dhabi project and was responsible for researching potential artworks for the museum’s collection. Julia has completed her Master of Art Curatorship at the University of Melbourne whilst working at the NGV and is currently publishing coordinator at the NGV.

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